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Commercial DUI charges have serious implications for commercial drivers, who rely on their licenses to provide for their livelihood.  Specific penalties apply to commercial drivers in Florida.  While blood alcohol content (BAC) limits may generally be .08% for drivers in some jurisdictions, commercial drivers in Florida may not operate motor vehicles if they have a BAC of .04% or greater.  Further, commercial drivers who have BAC readings over the legal limit will be disqualified from operating commercial vehicles for one year and will not have the option to obtain hardship licenses.  Serious criminal penalties may also apply to commercial drivers convicted of DUI. 


DUI is the commonly used abbreviation for the criminal act of operating a moving vehicle after consuming alcohol. This acronym encompasses a range of offenses, including Commercial DUI, which vary depending on the laws in your jurisdiction. You may find that you need assistance from an experienced criminal defense attorney who specializes in DUIs if you are charged with commercial DUI.


Breathalyzers rely on indirect methods of measurement of blood alcohol concentration. Many consider a high BAC measurement to be the strongest evidence for law enforcement. Breathalyzers are the most commonly used form of chemical sobriety tests, and are also possibly the most inaccurate. Any traces of gas, liquids (blood), or vomit have been known to significantly affect the results of the test.

Field Sobriety Tests

Field sobriety tests may be used on top of the breathalyzer to determine if a person is sober and able to operate their vehicle. A Commerical DUI may result in jail time or loss of license. Mandatory participation in a drug/alcohol rehabilitation program or community service may also be included if convicted.

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Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Attorney Kenneth Padowitz has successfully represented commercial drivers facing DUI charges for over sixteen years. If you have been charged with commercial DUI, or believe you may be charged in the future, give our Broward criminal lawyer a call today. Kenneth Padowitz, P.A. represents clients throughout Broward County and all of South Florida, including: Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Weston, Parkland, Cooper City, and Coral Springs.


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