Former Broward Homicide Prosecutor Kenneth Padowitz, P.A. Has Successfully Defended Manslaughter and Homicide Charges

Under Florida law, manslaughter is a second-degree felony that is punishable by imprisonment for up to fifteen years as well as potential fines.  Manslaughter includes voluntary manslaughter, which is an intentional act that results in the death of another person or the inducement of another to commit an act that resulted in the death of another person, as well as involuntary manslaughter, which is not an intentional act but involves an act committed by culpable negligence that resulted in the death of another person.  Harsher charges and penalties result where the defendant uses or possesses a firearm or weapon on his person during the commission of the manslaughter.  As a former homicide prosecutor, Kenneth Padowitz, P.A. has the unique skill, knowledge, and experience required to successfully defend homicide cases by mounting strategic defenses and providing aggressive criminal defense representation for clients facing manslaughter charges in South Florida.


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