Charged with Extortion? South Florida Criminal Defense Attorney Kenneth Padowitz, P.A. Has Effectively Represented Clients Charged with Extortion

A person commits extortion when they use threats or force to obtain money, property, or services from a person, entity, or institution.  Threats or force may include property damage, violence, harm, or any unfavorable action.  Extortion is a felony offense in Florida.  Frequent extortion crimes include blackmail, which occurs when a person makes a threat to reveal embarrassing or damaging information to other people, as well as offering “protection” to an individual to keep his or her business safe in exchange for payment.  Defendants committing extortion commonly use telephones, mail, texts, emails, computers, and technical communication in the course of the commission of the crime.  When a person uses interstate commerce in the commission of extortion, he or she may face federal charges.  Kenneth Padowitz, P.A. has successfully defended clients charged with extortion in state and federal courts.    


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