Have You Been Arrested? Criminal Defense Lawyer Kenneth Padowitz Has Sealed and Expunged Criminal Records in South Florida

Just one arrest may result in a criminal record.  Even if charges were dropped or the case was otherwise resolved in a favorable manner, you could still have a criminal record.  Due to technological advances, members of the general may be able to view potentially embarrassing details or your arrest by performing searches for arrest records online.  In order to make sure that a former arrest is not on your record, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to determine if you are eligible to have your Florida criminal record sealed or expunged. Attorney Kenneth Padowitz has been sealing and expunging records for hundreds of clients in South Florida.

In Florida, the law allows you to expunge or seal a criminal arrest record. If your case has been dropped by the State, dismissed by a judge, or a No Information was filed by the Prosecutor (not filed on) it may be eligible to be expunged. If your case disposition was a Withhold of Adjudication, you may be eligible to have it sealed.


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