Rear End Accidents

Typically, we tend to place more emphasis on head on collisions. However, automobile collisions have multiple types that are just as common. In the United States, rear end accidents are some of the most common types of car accidents leading to injury.

A rear end collision occurs when a car behind hits the car directly in front at its rear. A synonym of rear end accident is ‘whiplash accident.’ This is because one of the most common injury associated with rear end accidents is the whiplash injury, a colloquialism of the more accurate term cervical acceleration-deceleration injury.

The severity of rear-end collisions occupy a wide spectrum. They range from being minor to being deadly. When collisions of the rear end type occur in low speed, the victim usually in the front car sustains a spinal injury that may make him or her feel stiff and sore.

Accidents of this type often result in a form of spinal injury. This is because of how they occur. During a rear end collision, the car at the back transfers all its energy to the car in front.

This transfer results in a jolt that is unanticipated and strong. The jolt throws forward the upper-body section of the occupants of the car in front. Sometimes, the head(s) of the occupant(s) do not rest firmly on a headrest prior to the jolt and so stay static.

The quick acceleration of the car would stop, and the stop would result in forward motion of the head(s) of the occupant(s) that hitherto stayed stationary. This rapid succession of events (acceleration and deceleration) may lead to a whiplash or other type of spinal injury.

This is why the help of a personal injury lawyer is needed.


The major cause of rear end collisions is careless, distracted, or inattentive driving. Reports by the U.S. Department of Transportation show that drivers often engage in other activities while driving.

These activities include but are not limited to talking on the phone, sending texts, eating and drinking, changing the radio station, and programming navigation systems.

When a driver engages in any of these activities, the eyes and mind of the driver would not stay on the road. An unanticipated stop that catches the driver off guard can result in a rear end collision; or worse a head on collision or side impact collision.

The Law

Under Florida Law, the driver of the rear car that does the hitting is often found to be culpable in a rear end accident. However, exceptions exist. For example, the rear-ending car may not be held responsible if the car at the rear finds in impossible to evade a hazard created by the car in front. Therefore, it’s best to contact a car accident attorney immediately.

Furthermore, Florida law requires all automobile insurance policies admissible within the state of Florida to maintain a minimum amount of “no-fault” insurance for reasonable and necessary medical expenses. Thus, even if a rear-end accident, or another type of car or bus accident, was caused by you; the law stipulates that you may receive compensation to cover health-related expenses.

Personal Injury Legal Help

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